Built to deliver hardcore results for everyday people

Legion was founded by bestselling health and fitness author Mike Matthews to bring something unique to the fitness world: healthy, high-quality sports supplements based on sound science, sold honestly and at a fair price. While most supplements boast dubious claims and feature questionable ingredients, Legion’s products are 100% backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. This new approach was central to their strategy of delivering products for athletes and wellness advocates who prioritize quality over claims. Legion partnered with Traina to redesign this exciting direct-to-consumer brand and suite of packaging, including over 40 SKUs.

The starting line

Legion’s strategy of attracting a broader audience began with updating their masculine-leaning brand with a more approachable tone and visual direction that would appeal a wider audience beyond the hardcore athlete.

Legion’s product line includes all-natural protein powder and bars, pre-workout, fat burners, post-workout, and vitamins. To help the new packaging stand out in the crowded marketplace, they needed a visual system that highlighted the great taste, diverse flavors, and premium quality of the ingredients—in addition to reflecting their honest, science-based brand personality and values.

A recipe for success

An audit of the over 40 SKUs, multiple flavors, and product types revealed a need to cohesively group each product line yet build a common visual language. We began this exercise by defining a set of bright approachable colors, coordinated for each line, and contrasted over a common base of matte black.

Next, to deliver on the promise of quality ingredients and great taste, we developed a graphic language based on the custom Legion “L” and delicious-looking fruit explosions for each flavor type. All told, over 30 custom CGI illustrations were created throughout their product line.

Heavy gains

The results speak for themselves. Legion quickly realized a huge uptick in new customers and repeat customers alike. The new position, tone, and packaging opened up entirely new markets to this once niche brand.