Launching a New Name in Data Management

When the two global leaders in first-party data successfully merged at the end of 2017, all eyes were on them. Just before Christmas of 2017, Research Now and Survey Sampling International (SSI) announced that they had received all necessary global regulatory approvals and had closed the deal. Two data giants now found themselves as the market research industry’s largest provider of online panel data and technology-based research solutions based on opted-in data. At the beginning of 2018, Research Now SSI (RNSSI) faced the daunting task of not just renaming the newly combined company but rebranding the entire organization as well. After a speedy but thorough RFP process that included interviewing 10 agencies from NY to LA, the RNSSI marketing team selected Spire Agency to take on the tasks.

A Dapper New Brand: Dynata

Work also immediately began on a website, which has been hailed by the data industry as beautiful, engaging and industry-leading.


Color Palette