A colorful shift.

In a world where laminates are called fake, cheap and plastic-y, how can you make them stand out to a community that lives and breathes good design?

Arauco, a global manufacturer of sustainable wood products, came to us with the challenge of helping them create the identity for their new laminate brand, Prism, and win a piece of the A&D market from better-known brands with big, flashy appeal.

Trouble is, the American design community isn’t particularly fond of laminates. In this reclaimed wood revival, laminates live in dark places, shamefully hidden behind more authentic materials.


We knew we needed to give Prism a colorful personality, impossible to ignore and a stark contrast from the dim competition.

A look and feel that would jump off library shelves.

Prism has a bright bang of character unprecedented in the dark laminate world–sure to grab attention and shed light on these brilliant surfaces.