Overhauling a Hardworking Brand

Our brand strategy unearthed that Trux uniquely stands out as a platform that provides powerful and workable tech. That confluence of heavy machinery, humanity and technology is the lead foot for Trux’s new look.

First, we pushed Trux forward with a much bolder brandmark: an abstracted “T” that doubles as a dump truck hauling down the highway. Paired with a heavy-hitting wordmark, the updated logo is fresh, confident and definitely differentiated from the crowd.


Stout and durable typography combines with a palette of earthy colors that feel very grounded in the hauling industry. To top if off, we added some textures that feel a little rough around the edges.


Just as Trux brings order to hauling logistics, a gridded layout puts everything in its right place, while providing plenty of flexibility.

Photography selections reflect the reality of the industry Trux serves, putting people at work front and center.

Finally, we equipped Trux with brand voice guardrails. Messaging blends the company’s expertise with empathy for construction’s hardest workers.